Hypoid mechanical reducers THF 


Hypoid mechanical reducers THF 

Power transmission:
range of transmitted input power: 0.12 kW ÷ 4.00 kW
Gear ratio i =
2-speed transmission: 7.5 ÷ 60
3-speed transmission: 60 ÷ 300
Output torque:
2-speed transmission: 6 Nm ÷ 580 Nm
3-speed transmission: 15 Nm ÷ 600 Nm
made of chromium-manganese alloy structural steel with the addition of titanium 20CrMnTiH1
2-speed transmission: 92% ÷ 96% (depending on the ratio)
3-speed transmission: 90% ÷ 94% (depending on the ratio)

The code marking of the THF series hypoid reducers contains all the necessary data for the exact identification of the reducer or motor reducer. It is divided into two groups: the first concerns reducers THF, and the second - motor reducers THF.

Code marking of the THF reducer - will be used when ordering a hypoid reducer THF.


Code marking of the THF rmotor reducer - will be used when ordering a hypoid motor reducer THF.

The mounting position of the THF hypoid reducer is important for the correct execution of the order. The design of hypoid THF reducers allows to install them in various positions depending on mechanical needs of the device. All hypoid reducers delivered to the customer are filled with oil according to the installation position specified in the order. Before installing the THF engine in a position other than the one specified in the order, check the oil requirement in the reducer unit in accordance with the operating instructions or the operating and maintenance documentation (DTR documentation).

If the customer has not specified the required mounting position in the order for the motor reducer or hypoid reducer THF, the default is mounting position M1 (B3), and the hypoid reducer is filled with oil that corresponds to the specified position.

Permissible mounting positions for THF series hypoid motor reducer

The design of THF hypoid reducers allows the use of mounting accessories, the same as those of SHF worm reducers. If it is necessary to install a hypoid reducer directly on the housing of the device, the output flanges which have been developed for various sizes and intervals of fastening of bolts can be used. Installation of a hypoid reducer directly on a device shaft is also possible thanks to the reaction lever. As standard, the hypoid reducer has an output sleeve (shaft), if necessary, a single or double (double-sided) output shaft can be used. The above accessories can be installed on the reducer yourself or ordered immediately installed. Accessories for hypoid reducers are also included in the code of this device.


Code marking of the output flange - will be used when ordering a hypoid reducer THF


Code marking of a continuous output shaft - will be used when ordering a hypoid reducer THF


Code marking of the reaction shoulder - will be used when ordering a hypoid reducer THF