About the company

EURA Drives was founded in 1992 and originally operated under the name YANTAI HUIFENG ELECTRONICS. Thanks to its developments in 2012, the company was listed on the stock exchange among the new technology companies Shanghai Composite. Today, EURA Drives is one of the international companies that fully specializes in the research, production, development and sales of frequency converters and soft starters.

EURA frequency converters are designed to regulate the speed or torque of electric motors, fans and pumps in industrial equipment of ventilation, water supply and sewerage systems. All Eura Drives products have the appropriate quality certificates: CE, UL, RoHS, ISO 9001 and CCC.

During its operation, EURA Drives has gained recognition in the field of industrial automation worldwide. Today, EURA DRIVES frequency converters are widely used in the printing, turning, pharmaceutical, pulp and textile, food and petrochemical industries.



in the market of industrial automation
who create successful innovations


Numerical software control

Rolling mill

HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning)

Rewinding equipment in the printing, textile and pulp industries

Wind energy

Air compressor

Lifting mechanism

Belt conveyor

Production of EURA DRIVES (ENG)

Protection of premises

To guarantee the quality and reliability of products, production facilities are protected from dust, and the set level of temperature and humidity is controlled and maintained by the ventilation system.

Testing of frequency converters

Before use, the quality of soldering and assembly of frequency converters is checked using non-adapter testers made in Japan

Investment in new equipment

To create quality products, Eura Drives constantly invests in the purchase of new equipment: surface resistance testers, electrostatic testers, ion fans to neutralize static electricity, etc.

High accuracy of work

At the stage of manufacturing EURA Drives products, automatic assembly lines from Japan (manufactured by Yamaha) and Germany are used, which allows to ensure high accuracy of production.

Board processing

For additional insulation and protection against moisture, overheating and acidic environmental influences, printed circuit boards are processed by special methods.